Resilience vs Resistance — Keeping Social Change on the Agenda During COVID-19

In this episode, we look at the resilience of ideas. At the start of the COVID-19 crisis, community was at the forefront of the national conversation, and there has been widespread acknowledgement that any recovery must focus on creating an economy that serves society as opposed to a society that serves the economy. But how can we resist pushback against this as the longer-term financial impacts of the crisis start to manifest? And how do we sustain the momentum of the moment to create concrete, positive policy change? We speak to Michelle Murphy from Social Justice Ireland and Claire Brophy from the Abortion Rights Campaign about policy, activism, and proven strategies for change. 

About The Good Stuff

The Good Stuff, is a podcast from The Wheel that brings you news, views, and inspiring voices from the Irish nonprofit sector. Back in autumn 2020 with series 2 of The Good Stuff, over three episodes we’ll be talking to leaders from the sector about resilience during the COVID-19 crisis.