Racism is Real in Ireland – S01 E03 – Employment


Four guests, Dr John Wilkins, Lassane Ouedraogo, Dr Ebun Joseph  and Nana Nubi, discuss the topic of employment and the underemployment of Africans migrants living in Ireland. These guests represent the new Irish Africans with the right to work in Ireland yet are underemployed. 

All guests share their personal experiences of racism in the labour market in Ireland. Dr Ebun Joseph eloquently gives her current detailed  researched account to the root of unemployment and underemployment of African migrants in Ireland. Each guest submits worthy recommendations to improve the job prospects of African migrants in Ireland.

About the guests

Lassane Ouedraogo is the Chairperson of African Centre in Ireland

Nana Nubi is a project work with International Decade For People Of African Descent (IDPAD ).

Dr John Wilkins is a PHD candidate Trinity College Dublin

Dr Ebun Joseph is an Author, Social Justice Activist, motivational speaker, Intercultural Consultant, researching race relations, racial stratification & the labour market.

About the podcast

RACISM IS REAL IN IRELAND is a series of 6 podcasts that examines the effect of racism on African migrants in Ireland. There are six topics for discussion including integration, education, employment, diversity, hate speech/hate crime and multiculturalism. The beauty of each podcast is the African migrants are given the unique platform to share their personal experiences without restriction or fear of reprisals. They examine racism and its devastating effect on their well-being! They represent the visible migrants, the new Irish Africans. Their unique voices are recorded as they express their brush with racism daily. At the end of each podcast, recommendations are made to inspire and encourage economic, social and political growth of the Irish society as they work together with the New Communities.  

These podcasts supports the on going campaign and petitions to establish the Hate Crime Law in Ireland the only country in Europe without this law.

This podcast is researched and presented by Mary Oyediran with the support of NearCast and the African Centre of Ireland.