Poem of the Week S01 E36 : Anyone lived in a pretty how town by E.E. Cummings, read by Kate Dempsey

One of the more curious poems by one of the most idiosyncratic of poets. Cummings’ use of syntax, punctuation and his inimicable free-form poetic flow mark him as one of early 20th century poetry’s great innovators. I was joined in studio to by Kate Dempsey, a multi-award winning poet leader of the poetry divas, and an avid admirer of Cummings’ work. Dempsey’s debut collection, The Space between, was published in 2016 by Doire Press. 


Poem of the Week invites you to listen to contributors recite some of their favorite poems and talk about what these poems mean to them. Presented by Morgan O’Reilly, this podcast series, originally broadcast on Near FM 2017/18, features some of Ireland’s most exciting new voices such as Jessica Traynor, Kate Dempsey, Kenneth Nolan and Alan Jude Moore alongside local people and community activists from the North Dublin area, this series offers a unique and diverse range of contributors.