Perspectives on Prevention – Ahmed Hassan

Ahmed Hassan

In this episode of Perspectives on Prevention, we meet Ahmed Hassan, a Community Sponsorship support worker for the NGO, Doras based in Limerick. Ahmed has worked in areas related to youth, education, environment, peace building, gender and leaderships, including outreach roles with Paul Partnership and Kerry Action for Development Education. Ahmed worked with the Global Peace Foundation Ireland focusing on engaging youth and students within Limerick in environmental sustainability, peace and education related projects. Marian Quinn talks to Ahmed about working with people in the asylum process, the direct provision system and how we can offset some of its negative impacts. For more about Doras visit

About the series

Perspectives on Prevention is a podcast series from the Prevention and Early Intervention Network, a membership organisation which seeks to promote and support prevention and early intervention approaches with children, families and communities. In each episode Marian Quinn, one of the PEIN founders, chats to people who have experiences to share, insights to explore, and expertise to draw on from the field of child and family services. You can listen to Perspectives on Prevention on Spotify, Apple, Nearcast or wherever you get your podcasts. Be sure to subscribe for all the latest episodes. If you’d like to suggest someone for us to chat to we’d love to hear from you, just drop us an email at

Perspectives on Prevention is a podcast series from the Prevention and Early Intervention Network. For more information please visit

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