Irish Stand Episode 6: “A New Representation of Women in American Government”

IRISH STAND PODCAST is hosted by Senator Aodhán Ó Ríordáin and playwright Lisa Tierney-Keogh. Banter about the hot mess of Irish America, and Trump. Irish take on US politics and life in America.
Episode 6:
On episode six of the Irish Stand Podcast, regular hosts Aodhán O’Ríordáin and Lisa Tierney-Keogh are joined in studio by the extremely impressive Caroline Heafey. A doctoral student in English at the University of Massachusetts, Committee Chair at Glucksman Irish House and founder member of Irish Stand, Caroline gives her thoughts on why so many women are entering politics in the US, the legacy of slavery, why Irish-Americans love to tell Irish people how to be Irish and what ‘palimpsest’ means.

Irish Stand

IRISH STAND PODCAST is chats between Senator Aodhan O’ Riordain and playwright Lisa Tierney-Keogh as part of the grassroots movement set up in the wake of President Trump’s election. Discussing everything from immigration to civil rights to the deep connection between America and Ireland, this is an effort to make some sense of modern America.