Green Horizons_Protecting Biodiversity

Climate change is playing an increasingly important role in the decline of biodiversity. Climate change has altered marine, terrestrial, and freshwater ecosystems around the world. It has caused the loss of local species, increased diseases, and driven mass mortality of plants and animals, resulting in the first climate-driven extinctions. In this programme, Ben, Sadie, Jack and Eoin explore the effects of Climate Change on Irish biodiversity, and how biodiversity is being protected and restored in urban and rural areas.


This programme guests are:

Lorraine Bull, biodiversity officer with Dublin City Council, managing the biodiversity plan for Dublin city, which contains 85 actions for conservation and restoration.

Oonagh Duggan is the head of policy and advocacy of BirdWatch Ireland. Birdwatch Ireland is an NGO providing advice regarding wild birds’ populations in Ireland from a scientific approach, based on observation and research. They also promote policies that will allow for more space for nature and to minimise the impact of human activities.

Catherine Keena is a Countryside Management Specialist in biodiversity with Teagasc, the state agency providing research, advisory and education in agriculture, horticulture, food, and rural development in Ireland.

This programme was produced by Sally Galiana. Sound design and music by Bronagh McCabe. Co-production, interviews, and narration: Jack Evans, Sadie Marley, Ben Forrest and Eoin Butler.