Green Horizons_Food Matters

Globally, more than 25% of food produced is wasted. In Ireland we waste about 750,000 tonnes of food each year, according to current best estimates. Growing, processing and transporting food uses a huge amount of resources, such as land, water, energy and fertiliser. If food is wasted, these resources are wasted too.  In this programme Ben, Sadie, Jack and Eoin look at how changing the approach to food production and consumption is a step in the right direction when it comes to Climate Action.


This programme guests are:

Edel McEvoy is Bord Bia’s Agri Sustainability Specialist, working on the Origin Green team. Origin Green is Ireland’s Food and drink sustainability programme and involves producers, manufactures, retailers, food server companies.

Angela Ruttledge is the Head of Public Engagement at FoodCloud, a non-profit social enterprise operating since 2013, tackling the twin issues of food waste and food insecurity by rescuing large volumes of surplus food and redistribute to charities and community groups across Ireland.

Fiona McCoole, Senior Manager of the Circular Economy Programme with the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA Ireland. The EPA is a public body and its purpose is to protect, improve and restore the Irish environment.

This programme was produced by Sally Galiana. Sound design and music by Bronagh McCabe. Co-production, interviews, and narration: Jack Evans, Sadie Marley, Ben Forrest and Eoin Butler.