Get Social Dublin! – Episode 5

Sinead Ryan, Little Fitness & Brian Crooke, ParkHiit

In our fifth and last Social Enterprise podcast, we are chatting about the increasing number of social enterprises emerging in the leisure and fitness industry and Sport’s impact on the community. We explore the value of interweaving sport with health, social inclusion and local economic development. We ask what social enterprises can do to increase their chances of achieving sustainability and profitability, the economic actors involved and the enabling technology that needs to be adopted. We also discuss the need to create sustainable financial models that can permanently shift the social and economic equilibrium for their targeted beneficiaries. 


Michelle Licciardi, Dublin South City Partnership on behalf of Social Enterprise Dublin 

Sinead Ryan, Little Fitness

Brian Crooke, ParkHiit


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Get Social Dublin and drive real change in our capital.

Everyone would like to understand what social enterprises are, but not everyone has the time or patience to read through a bunch of articles and strategy documents. Join Social Innovator, Michelle Licciardi as she invites Dublin Social Enterprises to chat about what zeal inspired them to launch a social enterprise, the impact on their communities, challenges they face, what could help them thrive and most importantly, their stories. Discover why social enterprises are such key players in a more sustainable society.

Social Enterprise Dublin is calling on you to do business with social enterprises. These businesses reinvest profits back into communities, addressing unemployment, housing, disability, and sustainability. So Get Social Dublin! Partner volunteer, or buy from us and make a real difference! Dive into the feel good factor of our Social Enterprises and get your weekly update over 5 weeks with our Get Social Dublin – Invest In Your Community Podcast Series.

This project was approved by the government with support from the Dormant Accounts Fund