Episode 8 Hiberno Goethe: Emily Kraft


This episode features Emily Kraft, 19 years old Irish international football player who is at home in Sutton, Dublin North as well as in Gernsheim, close to Frankfurt am Main. Emily is a successful and ambitious footballer with Eintracht Frankfurt, who is also currently studying for her Abitur (German equivalent of Leaving Certificate). Born to an Irish mother and German Austrian father we hear about her upbringing in rural Gernsheim where she grew up with her twin sister, brother and grandparents on their farm with horses, wild pigs and a golf course. Regular stays in Sutton with her family in Ireland and going for runs along the seafront to Howth add to her affection to the country Emily sees as her home. 

We hear that footballers’ photos are supposed to be fearsome with the ‘Face at the back of my head’, but her twin sisters dancer’s photos always have to have a big smile.  We hear about Abi Mottowoche, the last week in school in which students dress up each day with a different theme from Genderswap to Pyjama Party, marking the last days in school life in a novel way before sitting the final exams. Being a native speaker doesn’t always mean you get top marks in English at school, and sometimes it can make teachers nervous.Having played for Germany and Ireland is not the end goal for Emily who looks to progress further in her football career. Good luck Emily!  

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