Episode 18 Hiberno Goethe: Stefan Hutzler


On this month’s Hiberno Goethe, Ciarán talks to physicist Stefan Hutzler.

Stefan dressed up in traditional Bavarian costume at the 2015 Ireland Germany game with his sons, and didn’t cheer when Ireland scored. Look out for the boys in red and white SSV Jahn Regensburg jerseys playing football in Dublin parks.

Stefan talks about Kepler and Oppenheimer, and the physics behind the Beijing Olympic Swimming Pool based on the ‘Weaire-Phelan structure’

made from TCD designed bubbles.   We also learn how the Guinness head

lasts longer than the Weissbier head because of the stability of the bubbles.

Stefan is a keen musician and has played in the Baggot Inn, he recites a couple of his songs for us, including one in 3 different languages. Stefan talks about the Beatles singing in German, and Kraftwerk singing in German and English. We hear how physics is connected to music and about how Einstein played the violin.


Food in Regensburg: 

Dampfnudeln beim Dampfnudel Ulli

Bratwurstsemmel bei der Wurstkuchel an der Steinernen Bruecke

Kneitinger Dunkel oder Bock beim Kneitinger am Arnulfsplatz

Saures Luengerl


Konstantin Wecker: So a saudummer Tag

Andre Heller: Die wahren Abenteuer sind im Kopf

Willy Michl: Isarflimmern

Ludwig Hirsch: Nix anders zaehlt

Van Morrison: Veedon Fleece


Heinrich Heine: Deutschland. Ein Wintermärchen

Bertolt Brecht: Leben des Galilei

Peter Handke: Der kurze Brief zum langen Abschied

Peter Handke: Die Angst des Tormanns beim Elfmeter    also: Film by Wim Wenders

Thomas Brasch: Und der Sänger Dylan in der Deutschlandhalle

Rolf Dieter Brinkmann: Ein gewöhnliches Lied

Laurence Sterne: A sentimental journey through France and Italy

Xavier de Maistre: Journey around my room

James Boswell: London Journal

Samuel Becket: Texts for Nothing

Robert Lacey and Danny Danziger: The year 1000

Holger Th. Gräf und Ralf Pröve: Wege ins Ungewisse


Muenchner Gschichtn, Helmut Dietl: (Der lange Weg nach Sacramento)

Herbert Achternbusch: Die Föhnforscher

Jim Jarmusch: Stranger than Paradise

Sofia Coppola: Lost in Translation

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