COVID-19 & the EU – E03 – Karen Coleman


In this episode I spoke to Karen Coleman, Journalist and Editor of Europarl Radio. We discuss the work of Europarl radio, the EU’s response to Covid-19, Irish media coverage of the pandemic, and the traffic light system which Ireland is set to adopt to allow travel for citizens within the EU.

About this podcast

In this six part series we look at how the EU is responding to the Covid-19 pandemic and to the future for EU citizens living with Covid-19. We’ll look at the present and future of Europe in the Covid context, with ongoing travel restrictions we’ll look at the European citizenship concept and how efforts to promote mobility across member states is affected.

The music on this podcast is a track called Clear Progress by Scott Holmes, the music appears here under a Creative Commons Licence. Visit

COVID-19 and the EU is produced and presented by Paul Loughran for NearCast with the support of the Communicating Europe initiative.