Board Games Ireland Podcast – Season 2 Episode 1 “The Order of Magnitude!”

Frank and Gavin return with a new season of the Board Games Ireland Podcast. Board Games Ireland is a popular meet up group where people can come together and play board games. In this episode we talk a little about what Board Games Ireland does, about what makes contemporary board games different. We also discuss the games: ‘The Mind’, ‘Starship Samurai’, ‘Century: Eastern Wonders’ and ‘Decrypto’. There is also a recording of a live playthrough of the Friday the 13th themed board game ‘Last Friday’ which was recorded on Friday the 13th of July. We also talk about the upcoming BGIcon, the Board Games Ireland game convention which takes place on the 4th of August.


0.25 – Introduction and talk about Board Games Ireland and contemporary board games

9.48 – BGIcon


18.12 The Mind

22.27Starship Samurai

31.13 Decrypto

37.48Century: Eastern Wonders

46.28 – Last Friday Playthrough

56.40 – Outro

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A regular podcast from the Board Games Ireland meet up group where we discuss all that is happening in the world of contemporary board games.